Nature, science, health

Nature, science, health

Nature, science, health

Immunodifesal, the right mix of active ingredients to support your immune system.

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Ansiolev tablets is the food supplement that is indicated in all forms of persistent stress that may affect the various organs of the body.

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InfluEPID PLUS Effervescent is a specific food supplement with Rose Hip extracts which makes it rich in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that helps normal immune system function and normal energy metabolism.

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An improved formula that maintains normal cholesterol levels thanks to Monacolin K from Fermented Red Rice (10 mg/daily dose) to which are added concentrated bergamot juice, omega 3-rich algal oil, Coenzyme Q10 and plant fibres.

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Disturbi da raffreddamentoSpecchiasol

Cold symptoms

After a sudden change in weather, after exposure to cold and humid air or wind, we experience a general sensation of coldness, illness, shivers, and high…
Dallo stress alla quieteSpecchiasol

From stress to serenity

The term stress was in actual fact introduced by physics to indicate a force which, by acting on a solid body, causes its deformation. Transferred to biology,…
Fibre per il benessere intestinaleSpecchiasol

Fibres for intestinal well-being

A fibre-rich diet is a guarantee of good health and also helps combat even serious diseases. Fibres rich in chlorophyll in fact perform a beneficial protective,…
Propoli contro i malanni di stagioneSpecchiasol

Propolis to combat seasonal ailments

In the autumn-winter season, the hours of natural light decrease, the temperatures drop, environmental pollution increases and so too does the risk of…
Articolazioni libere dal doloreSpecchiasol

Pain-free joints

Our joints are continually subjected to strain by incessant movement. Over time, the cartilage covering them becomes progressively worn. Hence we start…
Difese immunitarie sempre pronteSpecchiasol

An ever-ready immune system

The human body is equipped with a highly sophisticated system to protect us against the billions of germs we encounter every day. Hence why our immune…