Tone, physical and mental energy

When fatigue consumes our energy, we must act promptly. In fact, whatever the reason for our lack of energy, we become easy prey to external aggression. Tiredness can occur due to an increase in our energy requirements, such as intense exercise, seasonal changes, growth spurts, school work or convalescence. Sometimes, on the other hand, tiredness is caused by the excessive loss of nutrients caused by anaemia, excessive sweating, exposure to stress, taking the pill or medications, nursing, or it can be the result of a reduced intake of micro-nutrients through the modern and monotonous diet.

Certain plants (Aloe, Eleutherococcus, Ginseng, Guaranà, Maca, Fermented papaya, Rhodiola, Rose Hip) and nutritional supplements (Royal jelly, vitamin C) have tonic effects, reducing fatigue, increasing vitality, optimising the response to stress, improving mood, boosting concentration and memory, optimising professional and athletic performance.