Nature, science, health

Nature, science, health

Nature, science, health

Immunodifesal, the right mix of active ingredients to support your immune system.

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Ansiolev tablets is the food supplement that is indicated in all forms of persistent stress that may affect the various organs of the body.

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InfluEPID PLUS Effervescent is a specific food supplement with Rose Hip extracts which makes it rich in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that helps normal immune system function and normal energy metabolism.

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An improved formula that maintains normal cholesterol levels thanks to Monacolin K from Fermented Red Rice (10 mg/daily dose) to which are added concentrated bergamot juice, omega 3-rich algal oil, Coenzyme Q10 and plant fibres.

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Staying in shape

Maintaining the right weight and a slim body shape is essential in living a long, healthy life. Overweight, different forms of visceral fat, cellulite,…
Naturalmente sonnoSpecchiasol

Natural sleep

When the season changes and the days become longer, sleep-wake rhythm disorders may appear or become more evident. Insufficient or disturbed sleep triggers…


Cellulitis is caused by the accumulation of toxins and metabolic waste due to a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, hormonal imbalance, or lymphatic stasis.…
Acidificazione dei tessutiSpecchiasol

Tissue acidification

A person’s health largely depends on the body’s acid-base balance. The normal performance of the body’s complex functions in fact requires a perfect…

Detoxing between seasons

Detox treatments, also known as purifying and drainage treatments, are aimed at eliminating waste, toxins, and excess fluids that have accumulated in our…
Cistite, a volte ritornaSpecchiasol

Cystitis, running in circles

This is a very common disorder that typically affects adult women (at a rate 50 times higher than men) due to the shortness of the female urethra, allowing…