Nature, science, health

Nature, science, health

Nature, science, health

Immunodifesal, the right mix of active ingredients to support your immune system.

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Ansiolev tablets is the food supplement that is indicated in all forms of persistent stress that may affect the various organs of the body.

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InfluEPID PLUS Effervescent is a specific food supplement with Rose Hip extracts which makes it rich in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that helps normal immune system function and normal energy metabolism.

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An improved formula that maintains normal cholesterol levels thanks to Monacolin K from Fermented Red Rice (10 mg/daily dose) to which are added concentrated bergamot juice, omega 3-rich algal oil, Coenzyme Q10 and plant fibres.

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Depurazione in autunnoSpecchiasol

Autumn purification

It is precisely on the brink of autumn, the season traditionally dedicated to sowing, when the new school year begins, everyone goes back to work, and…

Phytotherapeutic approach to male sexual dysfunctions

Sexuality has undergone profound changes in recent times due to social, cultural, and religious evolutions. In reference to nonorganic sexual dysfunctions…

Aloe for insect bites and sunburn

As a distinctive feature, Aloe or desert lily which grows spontaneously in South Africa, South America and the Mediterranean regions, has an extraordinary…
Sole sicuroSpecchiasol

Safe sun

Sun exposure is a vital phenomenon. The sun is the great synchroniser of all biological rhythms; it encourages the production and activation of vitamin…
Drenare i liquidi in eccesso d’estateSpecchiasol

Draining excess fluids in summer

Fluid retention consists in the excessive accumulation of interstitial fluids in the dermis and hypodermis, which can also cause very significant variations…
Properties and benefits of the Aloe Vera plantSpecchiasol

Properties and benefits of the Aloe Vera plant

Forever used for therapeutic purposes in every era, in every continent, in every culture, today Aloe is recommended for its purifying, hydrating, regenerating,…