Nature, science, health

Nature, science, health

Nature, science, health

Immunodifesal, the right mix of active ingredients to support your immune system.

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Ansiolev tablets is the food supplement that is indicated in all forms of persistent stress that may affect the various organs of the body.

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InfluEPID PLUS Effervescent is a specific food supplement with Rose Hip extracts which makes it rich in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that helps normal immune system function and normal energy metabolism.

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An improved formula that maintains normal cholesterol levels thanks to Monacolin K from Fermented Red Rice (10 mg/daily dose) to which are added concentrated bergamot juice, omega 3-rich algal oil, Coenzyme Q10 and plant fibres.

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Intestino regolare, le piante che facilitano il transito intestinaleSpecchiasol

Regular intestinal transit, the plants that aid regular intestinal transit

Millions of packs of laxatives are consumed in Italy every year. These preparations offer a temporary solution to the problem, but aggravate it over time,…
Depurarsi naturalmenteSpecchiasol

Natural Detox

The removal of all substances that may hinder or slow down the regeneration process is a condition sine qua non for the continuous renewal inside us of…
Drenare i liquidi in eccessoSpecchiasol

Drink to eliminate

Our kidneys work hard to evacuate the waste constantly transported by blood circulation. Some plants facilitate this elimination task, by increasing urine…

Cholesterol under control

Our real age is not only that of the years we have lived, but above all that of our heart and blood vessels. The vitality of every cell that receives nourishment…
Il sonno che rigeneraSpecchiasol

Sleep that regenerates

A good night's sleep is judged on waking up and not on how long it lasts: the important thing is to wake up fit. Insufficient or disturbed sleep leads…
Benessere e leggerezza delle gambeSpecchiasol

Be light on your feet with the help of plants

Blood circulates through our bodies in a network of vessels that is approximately 100,000 km long. There is no problem in reaching the lower parts of the…