Sweeteners of natural origin

The fable of Hansel and Gretel in which a witch builds a house of candy as bait to attract children is a warning about the dangers of a diet rich in refined sugars and flours, therefore plenty of ‘empty calories’, poor in fibres, vitamins and minerals, leading to excess weight, obesity, diabetes and early ageing. The prevalent diet in the West is characterised by the consumption of too many refined sugars. To reduce quick-absorbing sugars with a high glycemic index it is preferable to use Stevia instead of common white sugar and other artificial sweeteners because Stevia is of natural origin, non-caloric, non-cariogenic, it is non-toxic, ideal for diabetics, for everyone who needs to limit their sugar consumption or follow a low calorie weight-loss diet. Through an extraction process on Stevia leaves (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni), a perennial shrub of Paraguay, we obtain a mixture of glycosides (steviol glycosides) that can reach a sweetening strength of up to 300 times more than sucrose (table sugar).