Nature, science, health

Nature, science, health

Nature, science, health

Immunodifesal, the right mix of active ingredients to support your immune system.

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Ansiolev tablets is the food supplement that is indicated in all forms of persistent stress that may affect the various organs of the body.

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InfluEPID PLUS Effervescent is a specific food supplement with Rose Hip extracts which makes it rich in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that helps normal immune system function and normal energy metabolism.

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An improved formula that maintains normal cholesterol levels thanks to Monacolin K from Fermented Red Rice (10 mg/daily dose) to which are added concentrated bergamot juice, omega 3-rich algal oil, Coenzyme Q10 and plant fibres.

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Articolazioni libere dal doloreSpecchiasol

Pain-free joints

Our joints are continually subjected to strain by incessant movement. Over time, the cartilage covering them becomes progressively worn. Hence we start…
Difese immunitarie sempre pronteSpecchiasol

An ever-ready immune system

The human body is equipped with a highly sophisticated system to protect us against the billions of germs we encounter every day. Hence why our immune…
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Finding calm once again

The word calm derives from the Greek term kaūma, (= burning heat of the sun) because great periods of calm are mostly accompanied by extreme atmospheric…
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Blood fats under control

The condition of hypercholesterolaemia involves the slow and progressive deposition of cholesterol in the arterial blood vessel walls, where it causes…
Dallo stress alla quieteSpecchiasol

From stress to serenity

The term stress was in actual fact introduced by physics to indicate a force which, by acting on a solid body, causes its deformation. Transferred to biology,…
Mali di stagione e difese immunitarieSpecchiasol

Seasonal ailments and our immune system

Respiratory tract infections are much more frequent during the autumn and winter months. The cold, humidity, higher rate of pollution, and easier transmission…